Research Report

The young man was already standing right behind the door and was waiting for me. He did not have any feeding tube or catheter anymore. He had already taken a shower, dressed and had breakfast. He stretched his hand out towards me and said: "Thank you very much for your help". Not being sure whether he had heard what I had said the previous evening, I asked: "What help?".

He replied: "I needed a ladder to bring myself back down." He later told me that he could hear me six times as loud as normal, but was unable to move at all. This is understandable when we consider that the fine body, in which our energy and our senses (that is, also our hearing) are found, was outside the solid body, such that it was not shielded by a solid body surrounding it.

Later, we worked out together his severe hate towards his father. His conflict existed because on the one hand, he loved his father, on the other hand, he would rather kill him because of his rage,hate and disappointment.

During my work at the hospital, I had similar experiences with other patients. A woman, even though very ill, was able to recover quickly. From time to time, she was suffering from katatonia. The stiffness would sometimes subside for short periods; then she would suddenly jump around the room screaming out loud, imagining she was being followed by the devil. She soon recognised that, on the one hand, she loved her husband, but on the other hand, she would rather kill him, because he was the reason why she had to give up her carrier as a singer. She quickly grasped what I meant when I told her to return to herself. With another young woman, I needed over four hours until I suddenly felt something under my hand which lay on her stomach. Under my hand I felt as if "something" was sliding inside her body. Moments later, she sat upright, looked at me and asked: "I have just been insane, right?" With her, I had to work through her father's sexual abuse. Another young woman was "beside herself".

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