Research Report

She had several abortions, felt as if she was a child murderess, and was now waiting for her death sentence. "I don¬ęt deserve anything else". Sexually abused young people learn very early on to be "beside themselves", so that they do not feel what happens to them.
One day, a young man was brought into the neurological ward whose right leg was paralyzed. He was on a wheel chair. For three days, his leg had been completely immobilized. During a neurological routine check-up, I tried to feel the air over his paralyzed leg. Throughout this check-up, I made him lie on his stomach, so that he would not be able to see what I was doing.
It appeared to me that I felt something very subtle in the air above his right leg. With both hands, I "shoved" this thing, That I felt in the air, back into is paralyzed leg. After that, nothing could be felt anymore above his paralyzed leg. I made him turn back around and carried on with the normal check-up. Afterwards, I went back to my office with my results. Less than two minutes later, the young man was standing in the room, wishing to be released. He said his leg was all at ance completely healed. There was sudden excitment in the ward. I was, pf course, most surprised myself.

Once, something amazing happend to me. A young man was sent by his parents, because he suddenly became so "weird". He told me that, latly, he had been smoking large amounts ofhashish. While I was helping him settle down into himself, he suddenly became restless. He complained of not being able to go on, that his right leg suddenly became painful and thick, whereas his left leg felt very empty and hollow. He became more and more uneasy while the pressure over his leg became unbearable. I needed some time to realize that both legs might have slipped into one by mistake. I encouraged him to rise above himself again and try to go back into himself, taking care, this time, that the right leg slips back into the right leg, and the left leg vice versa. Shortly after that, his face shined as he said: "The pressure is gone. I am back down in my own two feet again." I was amazed: This idea of the fine body seems to be very real. Hashish and other drugs seem to loosen a person`s structure. People who have smoked large amounts of hashish always have several bodies over and around their firm body.

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