Research Report

In psychiatry, a treatment such as those described above is not bound to become part of the routine therapy. I have often spent many hours until patients were able to come back into "themselves". If the suppression of severe emotions are not accepted and worked out, the patient, at once, "drops" back "out", when faced with a similar situation. One day, as if to prove this notion, a man turned up in my office, a respected business man, who was popular all around. He told me that during a seminar that he had felt a severe rage, which frightened him. Because of this rage, he severely condemned himself. After the seminar, he went home and took a walk in his garden. He described how - as soon as he remembered the seminar - he suddenly observed himself from far above - how he was walking in the garden below. He saw himself as he suddenly stopped, turned around, went back into his mother's appartment and strangled her. Only after she died, did he suddenly come back to the ground and, appalled, realized what he had done. After that, he informed the police.

I am convinced that these emotions, from which psychosis, spiritual crisis and severe illnesses arise, have the dimension of an inner, unconscious little murderer. The main conflict develops when they relate to a person that is loved on the one hand and hated on the other - out of disappointed love. These emotions can be resolved and transformed into energy and accepting love when they are recognized, accepted and left uncensured. Not accepting them, on the other hand, will strengthen them such that they turn against ourselves and can make us ill or, else, they will be projected and turned against others.

Neuroleptica seem to clog up the fine body's escape opening and to hinder it from coming back into the solid body, and would thus make that separation permanent. Anyone who has seen how many young people remain, irreparably for the rest of their lifes, like "hollow shells" after having received this kind of treatment, would probably feel, as I do, that no alternative should be left untried which carries even the slightest ray of hope.

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