Research Report

It appears to me that many illnesses, like Alzheimers disease and multiple sclerosis (MS), arise or deteriorate when the solid body loses one or more of its fine bodies.

People with symptoms of fear have lost these symptoms within a short time if they regularly "return into themselves" and there face up to and accept the emotions present.

Several times, Multiple Sclerosis patients, who could hardly walk to my office, left almost like completely healthy persons after having been helped to "sort themselves out". Sadly, MS patients in advanced stages have not enough thrust to concentrate on and work out their "shadow side". The improvement of their symptoms thus generally does not last long. So far, I have treated only two patients with newly diagnosed MS in this way. Both were able to actively engage in this kind of treatment and have been free of symptoms for several years.

Bacteria and fungi can probably also reproduce better in an individual where the energy body is not inside the solid body. Several women suffering from chronic vaginal fungus, some of them for over ten years, were freed from their problems after they had consciously climbed back into their bodies and had met and accepted there the emotions, which they had not wanted to feel before. It is not easy for every person to do this kind of mental work. It is often very hard for people coming from an extremely religious background, who believe that hell and Satan are everywhere to be seen and feared. People with absolutely no religious bonds also find this work often quite hard. They seem to have not enough stability.

To begin this work, it is a great advantage to accept the emotions when they are flowing freely and to write them down without any reservations. It is even more helpful if one lights a candle with the attitude: I will now write down what I will find in myself, very honestly, to the great light.

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