Research Report

If one then burns the paper and the writing on it in that same candle's flame (only in a safe place, please), thinking: I will now give everything I found in my depths to the great light, so that it will be transformed into light and warmth, then one can feel the enormous cleansing power of this ritual.
I wish I knew whether different illnesses are caused by different fine bodies going "astray" and whether a different exit from the solid body plays a role for the different kinds of illnesses. Probably the extent of "displacement" is likewise of importance.
Since I started to see one of those fine bodies, and to feel some others, I believe increasingly that this is a possibility.
By now, I am convinced that hardly any person living in industrial countries is able to have his fine body completely within his solid body. Our hectic lifestyle, the flood of information and constant performance pressure leave us "beside ourselves". We are looking for distractions and use drugs so as to avoid feeling the emotions which scare us and which we suppress.

Only when we are in our own center and accept the feelings residing there, will we have power, peace, love and composure.We all carry suppressed emotions within ourselves. These emotions can be stored on three levels. The lowest level is our body, in the middle is our emotional level and the highest level is our consciousness. You can compare this with a house. The body corresponds to the basement, the emotional level to the living room and the consciousness to the attic. I have observed many, many people who have "stored" their unbeloved emotions alternatingly either in their body or in their emotional level, nearly for their whole life. As long as we "store" our suppressed emotion "downstairs" in the body, we have pain in the body. When the suppressed emotions "move upstairs" from the body into the emotional level we do have emotional problems. I have seen many people who have had, for most of their lifes, either a backache or a depression. Only if we have the courage to let our suppressed emotions come up into our consciousness can we release them and can then get healthy.

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