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I am sure, however, that only a therapist who can see his own shadow is capable of helping a patient to find his way through his shadow.

Depending on our consciousness, our chakras (our energy system's energy centers, see e.g. in the bibliography) are more or less closed. This is because parts of our shadows, which we want to hide from others and especially from ourselves, are "under lock and key". In an experience of "chakra opening", only one chakra or a few chakras will generally open up a little bit. After such an experience, one feels very open and happy at first. After a few days, a violent, unpleasant, "nasty" feeling rises from our depths. For unexperienced people this can be especially scary because it immediately succeeds and contrasts with the feeling of openness, which to most people was a "holy" experience. Two days to two weeks after a "chakra opening", most people are particularly far "over" and/or "beside" themselves.

In psychiatry, many new patients report of having experienced such a feeling shortly before the onset of their illness. Such experiences, typical of a "chakra opening" were even used in a promotional film for neuroleptica by a large company. In this film, these experiences were described as the prodromi of psychosis - of schizophrenia. Most of the therapists who offer "chakra opening" do not inform their clients that parts of the old, repressed emotions would rise back up several days after the session. I assume that some of those therapists do not even know this themselves and that many patients do not recognize this connection. In such a state of misery, one is "out of one's self" and the frightening feelings are often projected onto others like one's own children, husband, neighbours, secretary, boss, or even the proverbial fly on the wall, or one might even become ill.
I cannot prove these facts. There are still many open questions. As long as we cannot see and measure the fine bodies, all we can do is collect and compare empirical results..

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