Research Report

Previously, I worked with my hands only. Lately, I have developed a guided imagination, which proved to be just as effective. That is how the CD "Light Body Work" was developed, which can been ordered under the ISBN number 3-00-004248-2. The successive parts of the CD build upon each other. First, the fine bodies are sorted into the solid body. Then, the blocked, suppressed, old emotions are integrated and transformed into energy and accepting love. The CD also helps to sort out and accept the shadow parts which will rise up after a "chakra opening" session. The last, short part of the CD, which can be heard and practiced separately, conveys thoughts from the "Tibetan Book of the Dead". Those thoughts can be helpful and comforting when dealing with the theme of death. "Only those who confront the thought of death and dying are free for a life without fears" (Elizabeth Kübler-Ross).

Report from a young woman

My name is Elke. I am 33 years old. In 1997, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Shortly after this diagnosis I learned to "sort myself in me". For the next three years I felt very well - without any symptoms. For some time I fell in love with a very loving man. I move to him - about 500 kilometers away. I felt very well to the extent that I forgot to make sure that I was always "inside" of me. Three weeks ago, my boyfriend suddenly broke up with me, without my being prepared. He went back to his wife and two children. I only found a note written from him in the apartment. In my misery, I first went back to my mother. Two weeks ago, I had sudden speech disorders, I could not feel my left arm any more; it was weak and nearly paralyzed, and my left leg limped when I walked. My doctor diagnosed me with an acute MS attack.

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